Laura Zuallaert (1985, Leuven, Belgium) studied Photography at the KASK College in Ghent and earned a Master’s degree in 2011. During her studies, she gradually moved from photo to film and in 2010, she completed her first documentary called ‘The Uplands’ in Birmingham, UK. ‘The Uplands’ gives viewers a look into the gardening habits of immigrants and autochthonous locals in one of Europe’s largest allotment gardens. In 2011, Laura flew to the coast of Northern Peru to film a burgeoning alien form of agriculture: asparagus farming. In this documentary, we track the production cycle at a local level and are given a look into the lives of the farmers and factory workers that are trying to survive on 2 to 5 US Dollars a day.


– De stichtingsprijs van de stad Gent 2011.
– De Lichtpuntprijs, http://www.lichtpunt.be/index.php kortfilmwedstrijd non-fictie 2011.


– International Kortfilmfestival Leuven, december 2011 : Asparragos
– Filmfestival Berlijn, februari 2012 : Asparragos- Food Film Festival, 18 maart 2012 : Asparragos
– Docville, Internationaal documentaire filmfestival 2012, 30 april 2012 : Asparragos
– Burning Ice, Brussel, juni 2012 : Asparragos en The Uplands
– Montreal world filmfestival, augustus 2012 : Asparragos
– Fotofestival Breda, sept-okt 2012 : The Uplands
– Klimaatweek 30CC, 15 november 2012 : Asparragos


-Museum M Leuven, curator Johan Pas:  Films Asparragos en The Uplands. 10-07 tot 21-08-2011
-Museum M Leuven, curator Marco Mertens:  Foto ‘Les Jardins Familaux’.2011
-Film Asparragos: te Croxhapox (Gent), december 2011.